Monday, December 22, 2008

Portland Winter Blast

There's a plant in there some where!!
We hope this tree doesn't come down. If it did our house would be hit.

This is the view looking up our street. Today lots of tree branches have started coming down and the power has been off and on all day.

Can you find our pool?

Taylor and his friend, David are standing by the van. It is some where under all that snow.

Portland hasn't seen this much snow since 1968. We have had plenty and are wanting it to go away. Last week school was cancelled because of snow. Now winter break has started and we want to be able to leave our home. Today we took the Bronco out with chains because Carla need to be at the hospital at 6 a.m. for surgery. We are also hoping the airport gets up and running so Megan and Kevin can arrive on Wednesday.

Idaho Road Trip

Taylor and I took a road trip to Idaho so he could see Megan and meet Kevin. We had lots of fun. We were also able to spend time with Todd, Jillian, Sam, Syd, Tyson and Cooper. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Taylor putting up lights

Today was a great day for putting up Christmas lights. No rain! However, Taylor got cold quickly.

Decorating for Christmas

Taylor, Katelyn and Justin

Surprising Taylor's Friends

Taylor decided it would be fun to surprise Tom and David. We had them come over to see pictures of Taylor in Cape Verde. I told them I wanted to take their picture to send to Taylor and I was secretly video taping them when he walked in the room.

The First

Taylor's Homecoming at the Airport - 27 November 2008
(A half inch taller and 15 lbs. lighter)

Well, now that I (Taylor) am home, I figured it was time to help my family set up their own blog. I must say that I'm very impressed that for one year my family managed to use the computer without me! haha But actually Katelyn and my mom are getting better and dad still knows where to type "" so all is well.